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Why we Teamed Up With PerMix 
Sustainability through Superior engineering.
PerMix has been engineering the most advanced mixing solutions since 1954. Our Ribbon Mixers, Plow Mixers, Paddle Mixers, Sigma Mixers, & other mixers are engineered to perform, yet priced for everyone’s budgets.

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Full List Of New PerMix Equipment

Powder Blenders & Mixers

PTP Paddle Mixer
PTS Plow Mixer
PRB Ribbon Mixer
PVR Vertical Ribbon Mixer
PNA Conical Screw Mixer
PFB Twin-shaft Fluidized Zone Mixer
PFBS Single-shaft Fluidized Zone Mixer
PAM Vertical Paddle Mixer
PDI High-Speed Mixer
PTPD Vacuum Mixer Dryer
PDC Double Cone Mixer
PVM V-Blender Mixer
PDR Drum Hoop Mixer
PTU 3D Mixer

Paste Kneaders and Mixers

PSG Sigma Mixer
PSG-X Sigma Mixtruder
PDP Double PlanetaryMixer
PMS Multi-shaft Vacuum Mixer
PVC Vacuum Emulsifier Mixer
PD High-Speed Disperser

Liquid Dispersing & Mixing Tanks

PS Top Entry High Shear Mixer
PS-B Bottom Entry High Shear Mixer
PC Inline Emulsifier Mixer
PC-3 Inline Emulsifier Mixer
PCH Shear Pump
PT-C/Q-HS Powder & Liquid Mixer
58PT-C/Q-LS Powder & Liquid Mixer 60
PT-C/Y Powder & Liquid Mixer 62
PT-C/F Powder & Liquid Mixer 64
PA Mixing Tank 66 
PCR Contra Rotating Mixer 68 
PM Magnetic Mixer 70
PJ Jet Stream Mixer

Packaging & Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Single-hopper powder filling machine
Double-cup granule filling machine
Double-hopper powder filling machine
Triplex-hopper powder filling machine
Four-hopper powder filling machine
Single-hopper powder (granule) filling machine
Semi-automatic big bag packer
Bottom-up big bag packer
Rpp-rotary premade pouch-given packing machine
Single station doypack packing machine
Auger filler machine