Viking Powder Stick Pack Machine ST200 for sale

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1 used 2014 2 lane powder viking powder stick pack ST 200 * Setup to make 35mm wide sticks * Film width should be 160mm wide – recommend using Bemis, Eagle for film. The machine will cut the 160 wide film into 80 mm sections to make 2 stick packs * Most films work, besides poly film, and thickness is estimated to be best from 1.5 – 3.5mil * We have the manual and schematics with it max. speed 65 cpm Bag Stick pack size max. 40 mm × 200 mm (1.57“ × 7.88“) min. 17 mm × 40 mm (0.67“ × 1.57“) Unit is set up for 35mm sticks Bag length 4

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